AustraliaBondi to Coogee Coastal WalkNSW 2 hours6.0One way2019-04Hike See the photos
AustraliaCowan to BerowraNSW 6 hours13.0One way2018-02Hike See the photos
AustraliaCowan to HornbyNSW 4 hours32.0One way2017-04Hike See the photos
AustraliaEpping to ThornleighNSW 4 hours8.0One way2017-11Hike See the photos
AustraliaForest Path Walking TrackNSW 3 hours5.0Circuit2019-04Hike See the photos
AustraliaKatoomba - Ruined CastelNSW 2 days20.0Return2018-12Hike See the photos
AustraliaMaroubra & Malabar circuitNSW 2 hours6.5Circuit2018-07Hike See the photos
AustraliaRoyal NP - Coastal TrackNSW 7 hours28.0One way2017-04Hike See the photos
AustraliaSix foot trackNSW 2 days44.0One way2017-07Hike See the photos
AustraliaSnowy MountainsNSW 2 days50.0Return2018-03Hike See the photos
AustraliaSpit bidge to ManlyNSW 3 hours10.0One way2017-05Hike See the photos
AustraliaTaronga Zoo to Cremorne PointNSW 2 hours6.0One way2018-10Hike See the photos
AustraliaWatson Bay to MaroubraNSW 7 hours21.0One way2017-07Hike See the photos
AustraliaAlexandria Bay TrackQueensland 2 hours4.3Return2020-05Hike See the photos
AustraliaCooloola Great WalkQueensland 3 days90.0One way2021-05Hike See the photos
AustraliaElanda Point to KinabaQueensland 3 hours12.0Return2019-10Hike See the photos
AustraliaKondalilla Falls CircuitQueensland 2 hours5.0Circuit2020-01Hike See the photos
AustraliaMarrdja botanical walkQueensland 1 hour2.0Return2018-08Hike See the photos
AustraliaMount CoolumQueensland 2 hours1.8Return2019-12Hike See the photos
AustraliaMount CoorooraQueensland 2 hours2.6Return2020-05Hike See the photos
AustraliaMount TibrogarganQueensland 2 hours2.8Return2020-02Hike See the photos
AustraliaMount TinbeerwahQueensland 30 mins1.0Return2019-11Hike See the photos
AustraliaNoosa NP - Coastal TrackQueensland 2 hours6.0Return2019-11Hike See the photos
AustraliaOverland TrackTasmania 3 days80.0One way2020-01Hike See the photos
AustraliaWalls of Jerusalem trackTasmania 3 days30.0Return2022-01Hike See the photos
AustraliaGreat Ocean WalkVictoria 4 days100.0One way2017-03Hike See the photos
ChinaEmei ShanSichuan 2 days20.0Return2007-01Hike See the photos
ChinaTiger Leaping GorgesYunnan 3 days45.0One way2006-12Hike See the photos
ChinaZhonghe ShanYunnan 2 days25.0Return2006-12Hike See the photos
FranceAurec and Puy en VelayAuvergne 4 days188.0One way2014-05Hike See the photos
FranceLannion to Perros GuirecBrittany 4 days60.0One way2005-07Hike See the photos
FranceStBrieux to PaimpolBrittany 4 days70.0One way2007-05Hike See the photos
FranceAuxerre to TonnerreBurgundy 2 days40.0One way2008-07Hike See the photos
FranceMailly la Ville to CraventBurgundy 3 days102.0One way2010-04Hike See the photos
FranceMorvan thru-hikeBurgundy 3 days110.0One way2006-03Hike See the photos
FrancePuy MaryCantal 2 days25.0One way2011-08Hike See the photos
FranceBlois to ToursCentre 4 days81.0One way2007-04Hike See the photos
FranceGien to OrleansCentre 4 days91.0One way2014-05Hike See the photos
FranceRambouillet to ChartresCentre 2 days40.0One way2009-11Hike See the photos
FranceStevenson hikeCevennes 3 days70.0One way2010-05Hike See the photos
FranceChampagneChampagne 2 days40.0One way2012-06Hike See the photos
FranceGR 20Corsica12 days180.0One way2004-06Hike See the photos
FranceMare a Mare centreCorsica 7 days105.0One way2002-05Hike See the photos
FranceMare e Montis sudCorsica 5 days75.0One way2002-05Hike See the photos
FranceNorth CorsicaCorsica 5 days95.0One way2012-09Hike See the photos
FranceLake of OrientEast 2 days70.0Circuit2012-03Hike See the photos
FranceBauges circuitFrench Alps 6 days110.0Circuit2008-07Hike See the photos
FranceBelledonneFrench Alps 4 days50.0One way2014-08Hike See the photos
FranceChartreuse thru-hikeFrench Alps 2 days20.0One way2015-09Hike See the photos
FranceGrand VeymontFrench Alps 2 days50.02016-07Hike See the photos
FranceModane to BrianconFrench Alps 3 days60.0One way2007-06Hike See the photos
FranceOisans circuitFrench Alps 7 days176.0Circuit2011-09Hike See the photos
FranceSouthern Tour du Mont BlancFrench Alps 4 days50.0Circuit2013-08Hike See the photos
FranceVanoise circuitFrench Alps 8 days100.0Circuit2013-07Hike See the photos
FranceVercors thru-hikeFrench Alps 2 days55.0One way2012-07Hike See the photos
FranceProvins to CoulommiersIle de France 2 days56.0One way2015-12Hike See the photos
FranceJura thru-hikeJura 2 days55.0One way2014-10Hike See the photos
FranceCaylar to ChanacLarzac 5 days120.0One way2013-05Hike See the photos
FranceLake St PardouxLimousin 6 hours24.0Circuit2008-03Hike See the photos
FranceAndelysNormandy 2 days40.0One way2009-03Hike See the photos
FranceDieppe-FecampNormandy 2 days45.0One way2010-06Hike See the photos
FranceGamache to DieppeNormandy 2 days45.0One way2009-09Hike See the photos
FranceOissel to YvetotNormandy 3 days65.0One way2011-04Hike See the photos
FrancePointe de la HagueNormandy 4 days90.0Circuit2008-04Hike See the photos
FranceWarriorNormandy 2 days100.0One way2010-04Hike See the photos
FranceSentier des Cathars Pyrennees11 days220.0One way2001-06Hike See the photos
FranceReunion Island thru-hikeReunion Island17 days170.0One way2003-10Hike See the photos
GreecePeloponnesePeloponnese 4 days70.0One way2012-04Hike See the photos
IndiaHampta PassHimachal Pradesh 3 days36.0One way2006-11Hike See the photos
NepalAnnapurna CircuitAnnapurna12 days230.0Circuit2004-11Hike See the photos
NepalHelambu and LangtangLangtang12 days150.0One way2006-11Hike See the photos
New ZealandBlue Pools WalkSouth Island 1 hour2.0Return2018-11Hike See the photos
New ZealandFranz Josef Glacier WalkSouth Island 2 hours5.0Return2018-11Hike See the photos
PolandPolish CarpathiansCarpathian Mnts13 days280.0One way2011-07Hike See the photos
SlovakiaSlovak CarpathiansCarpathian Mnts 5 days100.0One way2005-09Hike See the photos
SloveniaBled to Trenta (via Triglav)Julian Alps 4 days60.0One way2008-09Hike See the photos
SpainTenerif thru-hikeCanary Islands 4 days80.0One way2013-11Hike See the photos
UKCotswoldsEngland10 days164.0One way2015-02Hike See the photos
UKBen NevisScotland 5 hours22.0Return2009-12Hike See the photos
UKGreat Glen WayScotland 5 days117.0One way2009-12Hike See the photos
UkraineUkrainian CarpathiansCarpathian Mnts13 days300.0One way2011-07Hike See the photos
USAJohn Muir TrailCalifornia14 days340.0One way2010-08Hike See the photos
VietnamCat Ba TrailSa Pa 2 days25.0One way2006-12Hike See the photos

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